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In order to reduce accidents and enhance the safe operation of mowers, Terrain King™, in cooperation with other industry manufacturers has developed the AEM/FEMA Industrial and Agricultural Mower Safety Practices video and guide book.

The video will familiarize and instruct mower-tractor operators in safe practices when using industrial and agricultural mowing equipment. It is important that Every Mower Operator be educated in the operation of their mowing equipment and be able to recognize the potential hazards that can occur while operating a mower. This video, along with the mower operatorís manual and the warning messages on the mower, will significantly assist in this important education.

Your Authorized Terrain King™ Dealer may have shown this video and presented you a DVD Video when you purchased your mower. If you or any mower operator have not seen this video, Watch the Video, Read this Operatorís Manual, and Complete the Video Guidebook before operating your new mower. If you do not understand any of the instructions included in the video or operatorís manual or if you have any questions concerning safety of operation, contact your supervisor, dealer or Terrain King™.

If you would like a VHS video tape of the video, please email or Fax AEM VHS Video at (830) 372-9529 or mail in a completed copy of the form on the back of this page to AEM VHS Video 1502 E Walnut Street, Seguin, TX 78155. and request the VHS video version. Please include your name, mailing address, mower model and serial number.

Every operator should be trained for each piece of equipment (Tractor and Mower), understand the intended use, and the potential hazards before operating the equipment.


Mower Safety Videos
T.M.O.S.T. Course
AEM General Mower Safety Practices


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