Terrain Master Flail System

You choose the configuration to best fit your mowing needs. Combining the Terrain Master mid-mount flail with the Flail King rear mount flail provides the operator with a revolutionary flail mower system and the ability to mow from 6 feet to over 20 feet in just one pass. 

 - Min 4" overlap

 - Front-mounted oil reservoir for greater visibility

 - Self-contained hydraulic system

 - Automatic wing shut-off in raised position

 - Positive wing transport lock system, easily engaged from the operator's station

 - Full-width front metal guarding and rear debris deflector

 - In-frame cooling

 - Integrated, ignition lock-out prevents the tractor from starting with the wing cutting head(s) engaged

 - Full-length subframe mounted from the front bolster to the rear axle

 - KNIFE OPTIONS: Multiple knife choices to fit your application up to our Super 7™ (7oz)


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