Flail King Rear Mounted Flail

Flail King Rear Mount Flail can be paired with a Terrain Master Mid Mount to create a Terrain Master Flail System.


Rear Mount

 - 74”, 88”, or 96” cutting width

 - Dynamically balanced cutter shaft

 - Fully enclosed drive belt with automatic spring tensioner

 - Full width anti-scalp roller

 - 1” – 6” cutting height adjustment

 - Hex shaped, self-aligning roller bearings with cast steel cap

 - 540 rpm, Category IV driveline with four-plate slip clutch

 - Cat I/II three-point hitch

 - Full width front metal guarding and rear debris deflector

 - Flange-type cutter shaft bearings

 - KNIFE OPTIONS: Multiple choices to fit your application up to our Super 7™ (7oz)


Cutting capacity 1” diameter grass and weeds
Mounting 3-point hitch mounting system allows
you greater versatility to use the tractor
for other jobs
Available cutting widths  74", 88" and 96"
Knife Weight Options

Fine Cut (2 oz)

Standard (3oz)

Extreme Service (4 oz)

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